2011 – Jackie Kennedy

Jackie was born March 7, 1993 at Ohio Valley General hospital. We knew right from the start that life with Jackie was going to be interesting. From Jackieher first hours of life Jackie made sure everyone around knew when she was unhappy.

Jackie always looked up to her older sister Katie as her role model in life. Her best friend and arch enemy depend-ing on her mood, was her younger sister Madie. These two as toddlers communicated thru Jackinese, a language they developed and spoke to each other, and Katie would translate to the adults.

As Jackie grew we thought that she was going to be this tiny frail girley girl, little did we know. First Jackie took dance lessons which after 3 years she decided she didn’t want to do any more. Next Jackie decided she wanted to play soccer, we thought that our shy timid little girl would be lost playing with more aggressive children, but were we wrong. Soccer quickly became Jackie’s passion (a game she would continue to play for the rest of her life). While being small never deterred her, she learned how to use the size of the field and her speed to her advantage. Jackie played soccer anywhere she could, in the living room, at indoor fields; she once even filled in for a cup team at a tournament in Lodi Ohio. Jackie played on in-house teams and on travel teams with ABE; she also refereed smaller children’s games. She played 2years Jr. High soccer, 4years high school soc-cer, starting her last 2 seasons.

Jackie loved the outdoors, from about age 10 she made annual hunting trips with her daddy, a time they enjoyed just being together. Jackie enjoyed camping, swimming, hiking, and relaxing around a fire.

As a student at Ambridge high school Jackie took a variety of honor classes, was on the honor roll and a member of the national honor society. She became interested in big brothers and big sisters, a club that she mentored underprivileged children. She was planning on furthering her education to work with handicapped children after graduation. Friends and family were the most important things in Jackie’s life; we were surprised to find out that she had so many.

On April 10, 2011 our angel and her friend, Connor, went to heaven way too soon, leaving behind family and friends to find a new normal. They are truly missed by all that knew them but we are sure that we will be reunited someday in the future.