The mission of the Connor Johnson Memorial Foundation is simple: we will work tirelessly to make inattentive and distracted driving (IDD) as unacceptable as driving under the influence (DUI). We understand that this is a “C” change because of the dominance of technology in our society and its growing use, particularly among youth.

If we are to change this trend, three things must happen: 

– First, parents must model safe driving habits.

– Second, teens must practice safe driving habits.

– Third, every passenger must demand that drivers exercise safe driving habits.

As a foundation we are committed to promoting these three imperatives and in so doing make attentive and non-distracted driving the only responsible and acceptable way to drive.  It took MADD more than a generation to put an end to the idea that driving after a few drinks was ok.  It was a daunting task – but they did it.  The Connor Johnson Foundation will work just as diligently to put an end to the notion that it’s ok to drive while engaging in any inattentive and distracting behavior.  We will not hesitate to fight this battle because this kind of driving is a serious, and often deadly, habit.  We see the evidence of its deadly nature everyday on the news.  And we, as family and friends of Connor, have experienced it first hand…