About Us

2013 is the first year of the Connor Johnson Foundation.  So much was happening around the Connor Johnson Memorial Cup and so many people wanted to keep Connor’s memory alive that we knew that we had to form a memorial foundation in his name and use the foundation to benefit others.  He would have liked that.

The hope of those of us who were family and friends of this vibrant and passionate young man is that we can, through his foundation, keep others from experiencing the profound sense of loss and grief that we have had to bear because of a senseless fatal crash.

We invite you to review our Mission Statement and our Goals and see if this is a cause that touches your heart.  We welcome ideas for teen driver safety projects that the foundation can support.  We are happy to speak to your organization or school about teen driver safety.  And of course, we welcome your financial support as well.   Help us make a difference.  It may save a life!