Community Response


“We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our SADD Chapter this past year.  The foundation you have created is an outstanding way to remember Connor.  We will continue to do our  bring your message to everyone we meet.”  — Emily Davis, President SADD Chapter, Our Lade of the Sacred Heart High School

“Thank you so much for doing a presentation at my school and letting me be a part of it.  All of the students I spoke to were really impressed with the presentation and moved by your story.  Thank you again for letting me be a part of it – it was a great opportunity for me to speak to my peers on an important issue.” — Sarah Brenner, Moon High School


“My son Jacob really got a lot out of the presentation and wants to have a “wheel” in his car he can give his passengers when they are being distracting.  Thank you so much for the work you do.” — Laura Balobeck Konecsni, Hockey Parent

“Michelle, quite a few parents reached out to tell me how much their kids got out of your presentation.  They are very grateful and so am I.” — Rachel Sell, Hockey Parent


“Michelle, I didn’t realize that being a presenter at Carmichael High School in Greene, County would have as much impact on me as it did the students.  I was very moved by their attentiveness and genuine interest in the dangers surrounding distracted driving.  Many wanted to stay after and continue the discussion.  These students were great and I believe we made an impact and maybe saved some lives today.  Thanks again for letting me be a part of such an important outreach to kids.” — Chelsae Kaclik, Friend of Connor

Community Organizations

“Thank You from the bottom of my heart for taking time from your busy schedule to speak to our children about the effects of distracted driving.  I received many positive comments about your talk.  You had such a profound effect on our children and our audience as well.  One mom told me were the best speaker this program has had in years…” — Laura A. Snell, Training Manager, Department of Homeland Security Greater Pennsylvania

“During the course of five years members of the Connor Johnson Foundation have worked with our office to create change amongst teen drivers and distracted driving.  Members of their foundation have been successful in creating awareness and change.  Utilizing science based methods and best practices in teen safe driving awareness programs have led to success in reaching the teen driving population.” — Felicity DeBacco Erni, Program Director PA DUI Association, Leader PA Teen Safe Driving Coalition, State Coordinator PA SADD


“I did speak to a few students and teachers after school and all had very positive comments.  I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you invested in the program at Moon Area HS.  I am sure your story is very difficult to tell but one which touches young people in a way that others cannot.  Thanks again.” — Joe Martonik, Teacher

“This is a fantastic program to reach young inexperienced drivers with the message that driving while distracted can have tragic and irreversible consequences.  Keep up the good work – the schools need more programs like yours.” — Julie Burns, Teacher